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Ten things to photograph in 2023

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If you enjoy taking photographs you may be looking for some inspiration as to new images to take. Perhaps you’re beginning to get a bit bored with your photographs, or feel ready for a new challenge? It may be time to start taking photographs that would normally be a bit out of your comfort zone, or will help you to build your photography skills.

So here are ten ideas for new things to photograph in 2023:


A sunrise or sunset

We’ve all seen stunning photos of sunrises and sunsets, so why not have a go at creating your own? Summer is a great time to capture these phenomena; you just need to check the times they will be happening and aim to take your photographs during the so-called “golden hours” – approximately an hour and after sunrise and sunset. You will then benefit from the beautiful light changes as the sun gradually rises or sets. Imagine being able to display the resulting photos as stunning wall art in your home, knowing it is something you have created yourself rather than using someone else’s.


An animal

You may have lots of passing shots of animals, but why not focus on one specific animal for some really good shots? It may be a domestic pet, a zoo animal, or – if you’re lucky – an animal in the wild. But spend time with or close to your chosen animal and get a range of shots of it with different expressions, positions and backgrounds. Read more about animal photography here


Macro photography

If you want to get really close up and personal with nature, then how about having a go at macro photography? Macro photography is the close-up photography of small subjects such as insects, flowers, seeds, water drops or bubbles. It enables you to see wonderful details that would otherwise go unnoticed. To learn more, check out our guide How to succeed in macro photography.



A baby or young child

Many photographers are very nervous of working with babies and young children as they can be so unpredictable and you never know if the timing is going to be right for a successful shot. But if a friend or family member has children they would probably be delighted to let you spend some time with them to get some good shots. Check out our guide Top Tips on baby and child photography for more help.


A wedding

Don’t panic, we’re not suggesting that you become the main photographer for a wedding! But if you are going to be at a wedding, and they are happy for everyone to take photos, this is a wonderful opportunity to expand your photography skills. Be on the lookout for shots that are a bit different from those that everyone else is taking, particularly candid shots that capture relaxed conversations and ranges of emotions. The happy couple will be delighted with your results, which could be the perfect wedding gift.


An event

How about taking photos at one or more events this year? Whether it’s a music festival, sporting fixture, local event, family party, or a gathering of friends there is so much scope for taking some fabulous photos. Our guide on How to take event photos should help to point you in the right direction in terms of how to prepare for event photography and ensure that you give yourself the best chance of getting some really great shots.


A fashion photoshoot

And why not? Whatever your taste and style, it would be fun to set up a fashion shoot with some family and friends. It would give participants a chance to dress up in their favourite outfits and enjoy doing hair and make up, and give you the opportunity to get some fabulous shots. You may want to do these inside with creative lighting and props, or make the most of the lighter evenings to choose a variety of scenic backgrounds. You’re guaranteed to have a great time and end up with some fun shots that everyone will remember for a very long time.


Still life

Some of the best photos are just of everyday things. Look around you now. What do you see? It may be an item of furniture you particularly like, a coloured cushion or rug, a candle or interesting piece of glassware, or perhaps your favourite item of wall art. Taking a few photos of some of the everyday things that are meaningful to you can create some wonderful arty shots, and will also ensure that you remember these little details of your daily life in years to come.




If you have never thought about photographing buildings or other physical structures, perhaps now is a good time to start. And there is such a wide variety of subjects to choose from, including historic buildings such as churches and stately homes, modern office buildings, shopping centres, stations, houses, and more open structures such as bridges. It can be interesting to take shots from both close up and far away, to get different perspectives on all aspects of your chosen structure.



Another exciting photography subject is landscapes. Whether you prefer mountains, hills, woods, fields, rivers, or the coast, there is plenty of material for some wonderful shots. And the great thing about photographing landscapes is it also gives you the chance to get out and explore, so can be dovetailed with day trips with family and friends. And who doesn’t love a stunning landscape shot as wall art in their home?


We hope that the above ideas have inspired you to get out and about taking a wider range of photos during the rest of 2023. 

Even better, you can then display the results as fabulous wall art in your home, with the help of Print Your Memory. All you need to do is select the size of wall art you want, click “Create”, and upload the image(s) you want us to transform into wonderful wall art for you. Within days your wall art will arrive, ready to take pride of place in your home so that you can celebrate your growing photography skills every day.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory.


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