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Love your pet? Keep their memory alive forever

how to take photos of pets

It has never been more true to say that Britain is a nation of pet lovers. The most recent Pet Population report estimated that 57%* of all UK households – a staggering 16.2* million homes – have a pet.

The most popular pets are dogs and cats. 12 million UK households* have dogs, and 11 million* have cats. But the list of pets in the UK also includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, fish, horses, tortoises, turtles, snakes, lizards, gerbils, rats and ferrets . . . just to name a few!

But in 2022, it seems that not only do we have pets but we want to tell the world about them. In previous generations, pets were often just an added extra in the home. Something to say goodbye to as you left home in the morning, and greet on your return. 

But now things are different. Pets have moved centre stage!


The popularity of pet photos

Recent research by pet insurer ManyPets discovered that as many as one in four pet owners have created social media accounts for their pets. And, interestingly, many of these pets have more followers – an average of 925 – than their owner!


Even those pet owners who don’t set up a dedicated page for their pet still tend to fill their own feeds with pictures of their pets. 42% of adults with social media profiles admit to doing this. 

And as for photos on their phones, 38% of pet owners have more pictures of their pets than of their friends and 36% have more pet pictures than photos of their parents.

In our recent article Photos are everywhere . . . . but do you ever look at them?, we discussed the number of people who keep photos on their phones and/or post them on social media, but then many of those photos get forgotten. 

But aren’t our pets more important than that? Whilst you love sharing photographs of your pet on a regular basis, you also really need a collection of photographs that you can keep for yourself in a more tangible way.

This is even more the case because, sadly, pets are with us for only a relatively short time. Which means that there is no time like the present to get this sorted. You need some fabulous photos of your pet whilst they are in their prime, so that you create lasting memories to treasure in the future.

It often seems to be the case that getting some good photographs – and then finding an effective way to display them – is something that we fully intend to do but for some reason just never get around to. 

Just take a minute to consider all the other aspects of our pet’s life and wellbeing that we spend time and money on, such as food, accessories, grooming, vets bills, pet sitters and pet insurance. A pet is certainly a major investment in so many ways!

But always remember that your pet is a huge emotional investment too. And you need to curate some photos that fully reflect that. 



Tips for taking pet photos

There’s an old saying “never work with children or animals” – and there are many good reasons for this! But if you want some great pet photos, here are five tips that may just help you to make that happen:


  • Pick the best location 

Think of somewhere that your pet loves to be. Either their favourite place in your home, or perhaps somewhere outside where they enjoy playing or just chilling out. Not only will this provide a lovely background for your shots, it will make your photos even more special because of the ongoing association with your pet.


  • Get down to their level

Some of the best shots of pets are taken at their level. This helps you to see them as they see themselves, and get a more realistic and balanced image. So you may need either to get down onto the floor or ground, or to put your pet on a bed or table so that your camera and pet are on the same level. 


  • Harness the power of treats

Whatever your pet’s favourite treats, having a plentiful supply available will help things to go more smoothly. For example, if you want your pet to look in a certain direction, or are trying for some really close up shots, treats in your hand can work wonders!


  • Look into the eyes

Some of the most gorgeous pet photos are those that feature their big eyes! Try to find a way of getting your pet to look up, as this angle can be the most appealing. Treats or something else of interest can help here, as can using your voice to grab their attention.


  • Spontaneous action shots

Another way to get some great pet pictures is to play with your pet and either get someone to take shots or set up your phone or camera in timer mode. These kinds of spontaneous photos can capture the fun and joy that your pet has themselves and also brings into your life.


How to display your pet photos

Once you have some wonderful and memorable photos of your pet, you need to find the best way of displaying them in your home. This is where Print Your Memory can help! We can transform your photos into stylish metal prints that you can display either as wall art or table art

These fabulous metal prints will look stunning in your home, and be a constant reminder of your precious pet. They are also incredibly durable, so will provide treasured memories of your pet for years to come.

To order your metal prints, just follow our simple three step process and your prints should be with you within 5 working days, ready to take pride of place in your home. Enjoy!

Check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from Print Your Memory.


* Latest stats provided by World Animal Foundation – Originally published in July 2023, this article has been updated in February 2024 to reflect the latest research and statistics


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