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Christmas decorations with a difference!

xmas wall art

It’s time to put up the Christmas decorations again. And Christmas decorations are very marmite : you either love them or hate them. 

Some people love them so much that trees and lights start going up as early as October. Whereas the haters will leave it as long as possible, or even try to avoid them altogether.

And when you think about it, unless you really do love them . . . . what is the point? You will spend hours raking around in the attic, garage or spare room cupboard for the boxes of decorations. Upon opening the boxes you may well realise how tacky most of the decorations are, so will head out to spend time and money on new decorations. More hours will then be spent on trying to display all this stuff around the home . . . and then a couple of weeks later you need to do it all again in reverse.

But help is at hand! We’ve got a few ideas as to how you can decorate your home for Christmas in a simple, cost-effective and stress-free way. Giving you time to sit back, relax and enjoy the festive season. 

See if any of the following will work for you . . .



To tree or not to tree?

That is the question! For many Christmas die-hards, a tree is non-negotiable. Whether it’s a real tree or a good-looking fake, it just has to be there in all its glory. And if this is you, then go for it! Lights, baubles, angels : the lot. Many people adore Christmas trees and wouldn’t dream of being without one.

But if you’re not that bothered, and if in fact the tree tends to be the source of a lot of the Christmas decorating hassle, then dare to consider not having one and doing other things instead. If you adopt some of the ideas below, they could do just as well as a tree in making your home feel festive.


Make your fireplace the centrepiece

If your room has a fireplace, then why not make this the centrepiece of your Christmas decorations? Particularly if you decide not to have a tree. A few simple touches to your fireplace and it will look festive and welcoming.

A few ideas to consider are:

  • Greenery, garlands or fresh flowers along the mantelpiece;
  • A festive runner along the mantelpiece;
  • Candles on the mantelpiece or hearth;
  • Fairy lights along the mantelpiece and trailing down towards the hearth;
  • Christmas cards on the mantelpiece or hearth;
  • A nativity set or other Christmas ornaments on the hearth.

Try moving things around to get the best combination for your home, and ensure that it looks festive but also stylish and uncluttered.


Make your walls a work of art

We all know the old Christmas song “Deck the halls with boughs of holly” but this Christmas make sure you deck your walls! 

There are so many different things with which you can adorn your walls, that you’re spoilt for choice! 

Just a few ideas for starters:

  • Wreaths;
  • Candles on shelves or in sconces;
  • Fairy lights horizontally along cornices and door lintels, or hanging vertically down the wall;
  • Baubles hanging from existing fittings;
  • Displays of Christmas cards.

Another great idea is to make the most of your wall art. One option is to decorate existing wall art with festive items such as those listed above. But if your current wall art doesn’t really look very Christmassy, you could be really smart and create some new wall art especially for the festive season!

To do this you simply need to find or take some photos that represent what Christmas means to you. It may be photos of family, friends or pets either dressed in Christmas gear or perhaps celebrating a previous Christmas together. Or some photos of that wonderful visit you had to a Christmas event such as a Christmas market, ice skating, Christmas show or carol service. Or perhaps something more scenic such as a snowy winter’s day or New Year fireworks.

Whatever type of photos remind you of happy times at Christmas, you can easily get them made into wall art for your home, and be able to decorate your walls in a way that is meaningful to you and your family.


Make full use of your bannisters

And of course, if you are talking about decorating walls in your hall, you may also have bannisters to adorn. Bannisters can easily get overlooked – and literally gather dust – over the festive season. But they have so much potential for becoming an integral part of your Christmas decor.

Take a look at your bannisters and consider whether any of the following ideas would look good:

  • Garlands – either real or fake – along the top of the bannisters or intertwined around the spindles;
  • Stockings hung between the spindles or at the end of the bannister;
  • Baubles hung between the spindles;
  • Fairy lights wrapped around the spindles.

Any or all of the above can help to boost the festive mood in your home and make every part of it feel special.

Bring Christmas to your windows

One of the joys of Christmas is to walk past homes that have either a tasteful outside light display or something seasonal in the window. So why not bring Christmas to your windows this year?

Creating a Christmas display on windowsill is a brilliant use of space, and will also look lovely from the outside. Try some or all of the following:

  • A wreath and/or bows;
  • Greenery or flowering Christmas plants;
  • A lantern;
  • Free standing candles or a candle bridge;
  • Fairy lights;
  • A nativity set or Christmas baubles.

If done well, a festive window display can look wonderful from both the inside and outside of your home.

We hope that the above ideas have given you some inspiration for Christmas decorations with a difference this year. And if you like the custom-made wall art idea, remember that Print Your Memory is here to help you. We can create stunning wall art from your own photos and get it back to you within days. Check out the details here.

Happy decorating! And do check back here with us soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory. 

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