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Where in the world will you take photographs in 2023?

wall art travel photography

If you love travelling, you probably also love taking photos on your travels. You find a place that you love, and it’s natural to want to preserve the memory for the future.

But what do you then do with those photos? Our recent article Photos are everywhere but do you ever look at them? reflected on the fact that many photos are just stored on mobile phones and/or uploaded to social media . . . but then probably get forgotten about.

Aren’t your travel photos too important for that? 

Wherever you plan to travel in 2023, why not also plan to do something a bit more creative with the photos that you take?



How to display your travel photos

One option is to create an online travel blog. This would enable you to write text with details of your trip along with the photos. And you could share it with friends or family either live or once you get back from your trip.

Another option would be to print off your photos and put them in a traditional photo album. If you have the storage space to do this, it can be both an artistic and easy way to get to your travel photos.

Yet another good option is to have your photos made into wall art to display in your home and enjoy every day. If you are a regular traveller, you could gradually build up a collection of photos of all the places you visit and create a gallery wall in your home. Our recent article How to curate the perfect gallery wall for your home has lots of tips about how to do this. 

As well as looking stunning, a gallery wall would be a fabulous memoir of your life as a traveller. And, assuming you have several walls in your home, the space for your photos is pretty generous. If you use metal prints for your photos you could even display them outside! 

So, all in all, no excuse not to showcase some of your best travel photos and enjoy them every single day.


Most photographed destinations for 2023

But where will you travel in 2023? Just to help you plan ahead, we thought it would be fun to take a quick look at some of the most photographed places in the world. How many are on your list?

  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris – iconic structure featured in many movies, music videos, and TV shows.
  • Big Ben, London – probably the most famous clock in the world.
  • Disneyland, California – supposedly the happiest place on earth.
  • The Louvre, Paris – home of many famous artworks including the Mona Lisa.
  • Empire State Building, New York – the heart of New York with the best views of the city.
  • Trafalgar Square, London – famous open space in the centre of London.
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai – the tallest tower in the world.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome – one of the best known churches and pilgrimage sites in the world.
  • Times Square, New York – home to some of the best Broadway shows in the world.
  • Colosseum, Rome – the Roman Empire’s ancient oval amphitheatre.
  • Statue of Liberty, New York – historic landmark in the city of New York.
  • Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Machu Picchu, Cuzco – 15th century ancient citadel on the slopes of the Andes Mountains in Peru.
  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro – massive statue overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Central Park, New York – a tranquil oasis tucked away in the heart of the city.



Tips for great travel photos

The above are just a few of the stunning locations around the world that you may be lucky enough to visit and photograph in 2023. And if you do manage to reach any of these destinations – or others equally special – do remember the following tips from our guide Top Tips for Holiday Photography:

  • Always have a camera with you : otherwise you could miss out the one great shot you’ve been looking for!
  • Make your shots meaningful to you : add an extra dimension with special people or places.
  • Include local interest : capture the essence of the place you are visiting by including the things that make this place special. 
  • Get the atmosphere : include the little details that will make your photos transport you straight back to your holiday again.
  • Capture the detail : find one of those little details and fill the frame with it. It could just turn out to be the best shot of the holiday!
  • Place your subject carefully : Try to capture the background as well as the main subject of your photo for a memorable and appealing shot.
  • Act natural : group shots are best done when everyone is doing something else, for example shopping or eating. And these informal shots can also convey the best shots of the place you are visiting.
  • Try a different angle : look for good vantage points for an aerial shot and also try shooting upwards to capture high buildings or landscapes.
  • Get in the picture : as well as photographing the place, you need to have evidence that you were there! So make sure you get a really good selfie! Check out our article Top tips on how to take a good selfie for tips on how to do this.


So, where will 2023 take you? If you are a keen traveller, there is no time like the present. The travel restrictions of the last couple of years have been a wake up call for many of us to get on and see as much of the world as we can, while we can.

You may want to go to one or more of the destinations on the above list, or you may prefer to stay nearer home. Wherever you end up going this coming year, we hope that you have a wonderful time. And get some equally wonderful photos. 

Don’t forget that you can preserve your travel memories by converting your photos into wall art or table art for your home. You can then enjoy reliving your amazing times every single day.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory.


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