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What are the advantages of metal prints?

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If you have only recently come across the concept of metal prints you may be wondering how good they really are? If you are used to seeing printed photos either in frames or on canvas, it can be difficult to visualise exactly what they would look like as metal prints, and how well they would fit in your home.

But metal prints are continuing to grow in popularity. And in many cases they are beginning to replace canvas prints as the default way to display and photographs as wall art. 

So in this article we explain some of the reasons why you should consider metal prints. Let’s take a quick look at five advantages of metal prints.


Metal prints look stunning

We had to start with that one! Metal prints are distinctive and stylish, and will add a touch of contemporary elegance wherever you choose to display them. Metal prints also project a much richer image than photos printed on paper or canvas, because the image is completely saturated into the metal and becomes much deeper and more radiant. There is no glare from either a glass frame or a canvas sheen so the image is always clear and eye-catching.

Metal prints are available in various different sizes, so whether you choose to have them as wall art or table art, they will completely transform the ambience of your living space.


Metal prints are simple to display

We just mentioned that metal prints can be used either as wall art or table art. Either way, they are simple to display. And a key advantage of their frameless design means that you don’t need to spend time and money sorting out a separate frame, as you would have to do with traditional printed photographs.



If you want to use your metal prints as wall art, you can order them with an integrated wall mounting ready to hang for a free floating effect. Even just one metal print displayed like this looks stunning, but even better if you decide to set up a gallery wall with several metal prints together. Why not take a look at our article How to curate the perfect gallery wall for your home for ideas and inspiration on gallery walls?

If you prefer your photos as table art – for example to display on a desk, side table, mantelpiece or window sill – you can order metal prints with an integrated stand at the back, ready for you to display immediately in the location of your choice.


Metal prints are designed to last

If you already display photos in your home, you will probably find that they begin to fade over time. The details of the image become more difficult to see and the whole photo just begins to look a bit jaded. Not a good look. Fortunately this is not the case with metal prints

Metal prints have incredible longevity because they are printed on such highly durable material. In fact, research has shown that metal prints could last for as long as 160 years. The durability of the material also means that metal prints are resistant to damage such as knocks, drops and scratches. They are also waterproof and weatherproof, so can even be displayed outside!

No matter what kind of environment they are stored in, your metal prints will look just as good in years to come as they do on the day you receive them.


Metal prints are easy to maintain

Keeping your metal prints clean is so easy! A quick wipe with a soft dry microfibre cloth will usually remove any day to day dirt and dust. For a deeper clean, you can use a damp cloth or pretty much any natural or commercial cleaning product. There will be no adverse effects on the material or the image.

This means that your metal prints will always look their best, with minimal time and effort from you. Compare that to the hassle of trying to keep glass-framed photos clean and shiny, and you will understand yet another of the advantages of metal prints!



Metal prints are sustainable

Sustainability is a key priority for many of us, and this is another big advantage of metal prints. For example, at Print Your Memory we use 1.5mm sustainable recycled aluminium to create metal prints, and the aluminium is fully recyclable in the unlikely event of you deciding at some future stage to get rid of them. 

Couple that with the 160 years longevity we saw earlier, and you can rest assured that when you opt for metal prints you are choosing a highly sustainable way to decorate your home, and are therefore helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Of course, the best way to really understand the advantages of metal prints is to see them for yourself. And at Print Your Memory we can help you do just that!

To order metal prints from Print Your Memory, all you need to do is:

We then offer you the option of having your metal prints delivered by either Royal Mail or Fedex so that we can get them to you as soon as you need them. And remember that once you unwrap your fabulous metal prints they will be ready to display straightaway.


We hope that this article has inspired you to try metal prints and see for yourself all the advantages they bring. If you have any more questions about metal prints why not either check out the FAQ page on our website, use our Contact Us form or engage with us on social media. And if you’re after a great deal look out for our promotions, what’s better than a discount?

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory.

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