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Keep your Christmas memories alive with metal prints

metal print on wall of 2 sisters

Another Christmas . . . another New Year . . . just where does the time go?

And the scary thing is, it will be Christmas 2023 before we know it!

The last couple of years have been a bit of a blur anyway for many of us, with a series of global events impacting on our day to day lives. It can be difficult to remember what happened when, and there is a contact feeling of having missed or forgotten something important.

So why not change all that by making a conscious decision to preserve your happy memories in a way that you can enjoy every day? Metal prints from Print Your Memory can help you do just that! We can create stunning metal print versions of your best Christmas photos, for you to display in your home either as wall art or table art.

But it can be difficult to know which Christmas photos to showcase in this way. And sometimes the less obvious photos bring back the best memories. So to give you some inspiration, here are ten ideas for Christmas photos to keep.


Ten Christmas photo ideas

Family get-togethers

Everyone takes photos at family gatherings. But some of the best photos are the unposed ones. So, not the ones where everyone is grouped together, putting on their best smile. How about one of the more informal, spontaneous ones instead. 

For example, capturing the joy of family arriving, the excitement of an animated conversation, or the fun of someone trying to play a game who really doesn’t know what they’re doing. These simple, happy photos are the best kind to enjoy reliving for years to come.

Your Christmas decorations

However you choose to decorate your home over Christmas, it reflects something about your personality and style. In that respect, it is something to be proud of, no matter how well it compares to the perfect glossy-magazine world we think we should aspire to.

So photograph those decorations to enjoy in the future. Look for the little quirky touches that stamp your personality all over them, but may otherwise be overlooked or forgotten. Your future self will thank you!



Food preparation

Food is such an integral part of Christmas celebrations that it would be fun to have a photographic record of the preparation process, especially if all the family is involved. 

Whether it’s children baking cakes, Auntie peeling vegetables with a cheeky sherry by her side, or the master chef proudly getting the turkey out of the oven, capture that memory to laugh about next time you see them.

Christmas food

Of course, the natural progression from cooking the food is eating it! As we saw in our recent article When did photographing food become a thing? enjoying food – and particularly eating food with others – can be a special moment that we both want to share with others, and remember ourselves in the future. 

So you may want to feature photos of your fabulous Christmas dinner, or other foodie moments, to remember those moments long after the food is gone.

Present opening

For many people, giving presents is just as lovely as receiving them. And if a photo can capture the joy a special gift brings, then so much the better. An extra bonus would be for someone not only to have a gift to treasure, but a photo that brings back vivid memories of them being given that gift. 

And your children will have such fun in future years to find old memories of them with their treasured Christmas gifts. Perhaps by then they will be long-forgotten, and your cool teenager will cringe at the smile on their childhood face with their Christmas pride and joy. Which is all the more reason to get snapping!

Day trips

If you are planning any day trips or shorter outings this Christmas or New Year, that’s another great opportunity for iconic family photos. If the weather is kind, you may be able to get some lovely wintry shots of everyone out on a walk, train ride or Christmas market. Outdoor shots can also be more natural and less posed than indoors, so you could end up with some great photos from your day out.

Local events

Christmas and New Year are a great time to support community events – and take the photos to prove it. Whether you find a carol service, Christmas fayre, traditional entertainment such as Mummers or Morris dancers, or just head to your local pub for mulled wine and mince pies, remember to keep snapping! You could end up with a lovely set of photos to brighten up your home for the remaining grey days of winter.




If you have children in the family, a visit to Santa is a must. As are photographs with the man himself. Santa photos are bright and fun, and a great way to embarrass your kids in years to come! 

Also remember to take photos of any extras associated with the event, for example letters to Santa, a certificate of meeting, the gift Santa gave your child, the elves and the grotto. Wonderful memories that you will treasure in the future.

Silly photos

And who said Christmas photos had to be serious. Any excuse for a photo will do! So if you want to display a stunning array of Christmas jumpers or socks, get everyone to raise a glass for no particular reason at all, or call out the dog who is quietly eating something it shouldn’t . . . make sure you photograph the occasion. Who knows, you might be able to feature these photos in next year’s Christmas cards!

Big Ben striking New Year

And let’s never forget that after Christmas rapidly comes New Year. Which brings another photo opportunity. One of the best is to capture the countdown to New Year and Big Ben striking the passing of one year into the next. 

Whatever 2023 has in store, photos of friends and family at the moment it arrives could become a significant part of their life story.


How to create metal prints from your Christmas photos

So there are many opportunities to capture happy memories during the Christmas and New Year season. But what is the best way to preserve them for the future? We’ve already mentioned metal prints from Print Your Memory, and these are the ideal way to showcase your special Christmas memories. 

The good news is that metal prints are so easy to create, and great value for money too. All you need to do is follow three simple steps:

  • Choose the type and size of metal print you want, either wall art or table art;
  • Upload your image(s) to our website;
  • Checkout.

You can find more details of the ordering process here.

Once we receive your order, we will then get busy to create the metal print of your choice. Once we are happy that you’ll be happy, we fix the bracket or stand onto your metal print by hand then carefully pack it up and send it out to you. 

So before Christmas and New Year fade into oblivion, make sure that you save the best bits to enjoy over and over again with metal prints from Print Your Memory.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory.


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