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How wall art can transform your home this spring

metal wall art

Spring is here and with the new season perhaps you feel like your home needs a bit of an update?

One easy way to do this is to invest in some eye-catching wall art. A few pieces tastefully displayed around your home can totally transform the look and feel of any room. And unlike a major redecoration, bringing some new wall art into your home is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive to do.

So we thought it would be interesting to take a look at what is trending in wall art in 2023.


Five types of wall art to consider this spring

Here are five of the top current trends in wall art. See whether you think one or more of them would work well in your home:

  • The retro look

Retro never really goes out of fashion, but it seems to be making a big reappearance in 2023. And the good thing is that you can apply the retro look to pretty much anything that interests you. For example, one current trend is for metal signs. At Print Your Memory we know just how effective and stylish custom metal prints can work as wall art in your home, so this comes as no surprise! 

But if you’re after a metal retro look for your wall art, look out for things like metal posters – including old ads – bespoke artwork, and historic road signs. Neon signs are also very popular right now, with the additional feature of being able to light up when you want them to.

  • Colourful abstracts

A splash of colour is always a welcome feature in a home, and abstract colours are a very on-trend in 2023. You could either buy some original artwork from a gallery or online, or find a reprint of a classic abstract painting that you’ve always loved. 

Or why not have a go yourself? If you need a bit of guidance on the artistic front, there are many painting parties and classes around where you could produce something unique. Or how about creating some wonderful abstract photos by using some of the amazing photographic effects that are now widely available? Take a look at our guide Five of the best photo apps to get some ideas on what you could do. 

Once you have some photos that you are proud of, Print Your Memory can transform them into stunning wall art that will be perfect to display in your home.


  • Textured finishes

Another popular trend at the moment is to use textured finishes as wall art. Textured finishes can add warmth and depth to a room, and bring a very different ambience from plain walls. One example of how to use a textured finish effectively is to find a fabric wall hanging with an image or pattern that you love. You may want to go for an ethnic look here, perhaps with colourful tapestries or embroidered patterns, or artwork featuring trees, birds or animals.

Another very popular texture is metal, and you could either buy pre-existing metal wall art, or create your own bespoke wall art from photographs that you have taken. We explain how to do this at the end of this article.


  • Monochrome

Black and white photography has always been popular, but seems to be an upward trend again in 2023. Perhaps this is related to a kind of social media fatigue that many people seem to be feeling, being constantly bombarded with photographs of everyone everywhere, but many of these with little depth or substance.

There is often something much more grounded and authentic about black and white photos. Many photographers believe that it is a better way of capturing reality and pure emotion in a photo, perhaps because of its simplicity.

Black and white photos can certainly look very stylish and chic as wall art. So if this appeals to you, start looking around for ready-made black and white wall art, or create some wall art yourself from your own photographs.


  • Gallery walls

Whatever kind of wall art appeals to you, another key trend for 2023 is the gallery wall. The principle of a gallery wall is to combine a collection of wall art on the same wall, but in a purposeful and effective way rather than just a random assortment of images.

We explore this topic in more depth in our article How to curate the perfect gallery wall for your home. Check out that article to find out how to:

  • choose the right location for your gallery wall;
  • decide on the style of your gallery wall;
  • finalise your choice of photos for your gallery wall;
  • select the best media for your gallery wall art;
  • experiment with different layout options.


How to create your own wall art

We’ve mentioned several times in this article that Print Your Memory enables you to create your own wall art, using high quality aluminium. And the good news is that we make it incredibly easy to do with a simple 3 step process.

All you need to do is:

As soon as we receive your order, we will start creating your wall art. Once we have the final product we know you will love, we fix the bracket by hand then carefully pack it up and dispatch it out to you by either Royal Mail or FedEx, usually within 3 working days. So as you are reading this, fast forward a week, and you could be looking at brand new wall art on the walls of your home!


We hope that this article has given you some inspiration as to ways to brighten up your home with wall art this spring, and some useful information as to how to create your own wall art.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory.

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