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Preserve your Back to School memories forever

metal print siblings going to school

Even though it’s only a couple of weeks ago, Back to School is already beginning to feel like a distant memory. The new school year is well under way, and we are all pretty much back in the daily routine of school run – work – after-school activities – homework –  chores – eat – sleep . . . . . and repeat!

Busy times. But amidst all that daily activity, it’s important to stop and think for a minute. These hectic – and often chaotic – days will not last forever. Before you know it, children will be moving from school to college, and then out into the big wide world : perhaps university or work or travel, or whatever else they decide to do with their lives. And suddenly you’ll find yourself feeling very nostalgic and wishing for those earlier times when you were all together and just doing your best to muddle through every day.

So even though school days can be exhausting for parents as well as children, try to remember that these days will soon become part of your family history, and will be looked back on by you all with fond memories in years to come. 

The same applies to Back to School photos. Whether your child has started a new school or moved up a year at their current school, you probably have a lovely selection of Back to School photos. The question is, what are you going to do with them?

Many of us are guilty of storing all our photos on our phones. Hopefully these are backed up in the cloud, just in case you lose your phone. But even so, it seems such a waste to have such precious memories stored amongst a melee of other far less significant photos, and to have to scroll through all those other photos to be able to see the ones that are really important.



So before the school year begins to pass, why not do something special with your Back to School photos? Wouldn’t it be better to display them proudly in your home than have to scroll to them on your phone?

One really clever way to do this is to use metal prints. These look fantastic either inside or outside your home, and will be a constant reminder of your children looking their best. We’ll explain a bit later the best way of creating metal prints, but also want to share some ideas on innovative ways to display your Back to School metal prints.

Five ways to display Back to School metal prints

There are many different ways to display your Back to School metal prints, and you may already know what you want to do with them. But if you’re still deciding, below are five suggestions that may help.


  • A gallery wall

Many people choose to display family photos as wall art, but rather than just have one image in isolation, why not create a gallery wall instead? A gallery wall is a collection of different images curated and displayed in a stylish way. You could create a gallery wall of family photos, including your Back to School ones, or view it as a long term project and add more Back to School images every year.

Our article How to curate the perfect wall art for your home contains lots of tips about creating a stunning gallery wall.


  • A staircase display

How about displaying all your Back to School metal prints up your staircase? A little bit like the display of former Prime Ministers in 10 Downing Street! In one sense, this is similar to the concept of a gallery wall, but a staircase display has the added advantage of height. Start with the earliest Back to School images at the bottom, then gradually work up so that by the top of the stairs you are displaying the Back to School photos for your recalcitrant teenager! 

It would be incredibly clever to display each Back to School metal print at exactly the same height as your child was at the time the image was taken, but that concept is at the mercy of your child’s growth rate so is rather out of your control. A nice thought though!


  • Arty use of a decal

Decals are still a popular form of wall decor. A decal is a vinyl sticker which can range in size and can be fixed to a wall or other smooth surface. It could be combined with your metal prints for a striking and arty effect. 

For example, you might want to find a decal of a large tree – representing your family – and display metal prints of your Back to School and other images as leaves on that tree. Or you could use lettering decals for information such as your child’s name, age, height, school and the date to display around each Back to School metal print.


  • A surface in your home

If you prefer standing photos to wall art, it’s probably a good idea to find a surface that you can dedicate to your Back to School metal prints rather than have a mish mash of different photos around. Perhaps a window sill, mantelpiece, shelf, side table or desk. 

If there is room, you could also display something alongside the metal prints such as a small vase of flowers, a plant or perhaps a nostalgic item from earlier in your child’s life such as a baby toy or teddy bear.


  • An outbuilding or play area

One of the many advantages of metal prints is that they can be displayed outside as well as in. They are durable and can withstand heat, water and other weather extremities. So if you want to create an image display outside your home, they are the perfect solution.

If your children have an area in the garden with play equipment such as a trampoline or swing, you could transform that area by painting the fence a bright colour and displaying metal prints on it. Or if you have an outbuilding such as a summerhouse, that could be an ideal place to start creating your family gallery wall.


How to create your Back to School metal prints

If you’re now inspired to display some metal prints around your home, the good news is that Print Your Memory is here to help you create metal prints quickly and easily. There are four simple steps:

  • Select a size – 8 x 6”, 10 x 8”, 16 x 12”, 20 x 16”;
  • Click “Create”;
  • Upload your image(s);
  • Checkout.

We will then create your metal prints on premium aluminium using high end ChromaLuxe coating. Your metal prints will then be expertly cut and hand polished, and fitted with an integrated wall bracket or fixed stand. You will receive them within a few days and will be able to display them immediately in your home, and relive all those happy Back to School memories for years to come.

Enjoy your metal prints! And do check back here with us soon for more lifestyle and photography tips from Print Your Memory. 

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