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Top tips to make the most of graduation day

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So the long-awaited day is finally here! At long last you have graduated and are ready to leave uni and begin the journey into the rest of your life. How exciting!

But, like any special occasion, graduation day itself will fly past in a flash. So in this article we give you our top tips as to how to make the most of graduation day and enjoy every minute. We will look at three things to do before the day, on the day itself, and afterwards.


Before the day: get organised

This can seem like a bore at a time when you just want to chill but, as with any event, if you put in a bit of effort beforehand you will be confident that everything will run smoothly on the day. Leaving you to get on and enjoy yourself.

So our three point checklist would be:


  • Your cap and gown

Make sure you have ordered your gown and try it on if possible. If you are renting it through the uni and won’t pick it up until the day itself, see if anyone you know has one so that you can try it on and practise walking around in it. It will feel strange, so a bit of intelligence in advance is a great idea! 

Trying a gown on can also help you decide what to wear on the day. The dress code will usually be smart, but you also want something that reflects your personality and that you will enjoy wearing for the rest of the day once the gown is handed back again. And when choosing footwear, be mindful of the fact you are going to need to get up on stage and walk in front of lots of people. So wear something comfortable and safe, as well as stylish.

Also think about what to do with your hair as you will be wearing a cap. And again, if there is any chance you can try one on, take it! You may need a few extra accessories to help hold it in place and sort your hair out, such as hair grips or headbands.


  • Your guests

Everyone will want to come! But find out whether there is a limit, and make the arrangements clear to family and friends well in advance. It may be that you can only have a couple of people in the ceremony itself, and remember you will also want to spend time on the day with your uni friends. 

So a compromise may be to have a pub meal either that evening or perhaps the day after, with a wider group of family and friends.


  • Travel and parking arrangements

If your uni is not local, you need to make sure that you – and your guests if travelling together – will be there on time. This may mean going down the night before. 

If you are travelling by car, make sure you know the parking arrangements for the day, as these may be different from normal parking.



On the day: enjoy every minute

This is your day; it’s your chance to shine. If you have prepared well as we have just explored, there should hopefully be no stresses on the day to spoil your fun.

Here are three tips to help you enjoy every minute:


  • Get there early!

There is no such thing as too early. You really don’t want to be clockwatching or fretting about traffic jams and parking spaces. Also build in time to pick up your gown if you are renting this through the uni. 

It’s far better to get there a couple of hours in advance to get all this sorted. You can also take time for coffee or breakfast and enjoy bumping into all your uni friends and having time for a catch up before the ceremony itself.

  • Be mindful of the moment

It can be very frustrating if your big moment is not near the start of the ceremony. You need to sit and watch and clap everyone else whilst all you want to do is get up there and get it all over with. But take a deep breath and live in the moment. Send good vibes to every single graduate up there, and clap as if you mean it.

When it’s your turn, walk slowly, smile, and breathe in the atmosphere. Accept the certificate graciously and take time to look and smile at the audience. Remember that your graduation is also a huge – and emotional – milestone for your family, so if possible try to meet their eye in the crowd at this special moment.

By the way, don’t be fazed if they give you a fake certificate on the day. Many unis do this, to avoid certificates being lost or damaged, and post the real ones out later.

  • Capture the moment

Most unis will arrange for a professional photographer to take photos in your cap and gown. So you need to decide in advance whether or not to use this service, and check how much it is going to cost. A lot depends on whether you have guests there that could take a photograph that is as good as the professional one. 

Given that it’s a one-off opportunity, you may want to have the professional photograph done and also ask guests to take more informal shots.

After the day: relive the memories

The day is over, but the memories remain. Here are three things you can do to make your graduation day last that little bit longer!

  • A family celebration 

As we mentioned earlier, the number of guests on the day is likely to be limited, so why not have a family celebration later? Hopefully your family has been supportive throughout your time at uni, so find some way to celebrate the moment together. 

Whatever your plans are now, it’s also a good opportunity to mark the transition from full-time education to your next phase of life.

  • Organise a uni friends reunion

This can perhaps seem a little premature, but strike while the iron’s hot, as the old saying goes. You have most probably been in the same friendship group now for three years: living, working and partying together. 

But now that time is at an end, and you are all going different ways. Of course you will have every intention of staying in touch and meeting up, but it can really help to have the first reunion already in the calendar before you all disappear. It then has a good chance of happening, even if not everyone can make it. And could even become an annual event.


  • Display your graduation photo

We mentioned photographs earlier. Hopefully you will have some wonderful photos of the day, including one of you in your cap and gown. It needs to take pride of place. But what is the best way to do that? 

Print Your Memory can help you keep your graduation memories alive for years to come. Instead of a traditional framed graduation photo, gathering dust on a shelf, why not plump for some spectacular wall art instead? Imagine how cool an arty metal graduation photo would look on your wall! And it’s so easy to do.

You can get the best wall art from Print Your Memory in three easy steps:

We will then get on with creating your stunning wall art and will do our very best to have it with you within 5 working days of your order, ready for you to display proudly in your home. 


We hope that these tips help you to make the most of every minute of your graduation day. Have a wonderful day!

For more lifestyle hints and tips, check back here with us again soon at Print Your Memory.


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