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Give Dad a day to remember this Father’s Day

fathers day gift ideas

In 2022 many events and celebrations are able to run as normal for the first time in what feels like  a very long time. And this applies to family celebrations just as much as any larger events. 

So with Father’s Day in June, what are you going to do to give Dad a day to remember?

There seems to be an increasingly wide range of Father’s Day gifts around this year. From food and drink products, witty books, retro gadgets, personal grooming aids- and not forgetting Dad fashion of course!

But Father’s Day is about more than gifts. It’s about showing your appreciation for your dad, and making sure that you spend time with him doing something he enjoys. That is much more important than any gift. In years to come, gifts will be forgotten, but experiences remembered.

It doesn’t matter whether you manage to celebrate Father’s Day on the day itself. In fact, sometimes it can be better to do something very simple on the day and have a special celebration later, when things are not so busy and expensive.

So whatever date you choose to celebrate your father, here are a few ideas to make the day really special.



Five special ways to celebrate your father

There are so many things that you could do with your dad. Here are five ideas from us, but you may think of something that is much better for your dad’s situation. Most of the ideas below can be done either out and about or from home, depending on your circumstances. We hope they will inspire you!


Give him his favourite meal

Whatever Dad likes to eat, indulge him. It’s his celebration after all! This may mean taking him out to his favourite restaurant, even if that ends up being your nearest pizza or burger joint. Or you may prefer to make him something at home, either an indoor sit down dinner, or outdoor BBQ or picnic.

Pick the option that you know Dad will like best, and make sure he enjoys every minute!


Arrange a wine or spirit tasting

If Dad likes a tipple, why not treat him to a wonderful tasting experience. There are many vineyards, breweries and distilleries that offer wine, beer or gin tasting tours. Or check out which local bars might be able to do a cocktail making and tasting evening for you.

If you prefer to do something at home, you could either look for a virtual event to sign up to or completely organise things yourself. For example you could happily run a home wine tasting with some wine tasting notes and a few bottles; or gather the ingredients and recipes for a bit of cocktail making.

This is something that you could all enjoy together and would give Dad a great time.


Enjoy live music together

Whether or not you and your dad have the same musical taste, why not treat him to some live music? It would be great to take him along to a gig or concert, and have some quality time together.

There are also still many live streamed music events online, so if you prefer to do something from home instead, search around for a band or artist that he would like, and save the date. Then take along some drinks and nibbles to make it a special night to remember.


Do something arty

If your dad has always expressed a desire to do something arty – for example learn to paint – then this could be the year he finally gets around to it! Look around for painting parties or pottery painting venues and take Dad along. 

As well as having a fun time together, you will come away with either a painting or piece of pottery that will be a lasting memory of the day.


Plan an experience he will never forget

When the term “experience days” is mentioned, most people immediately think of the more daredevil activities  like racing car driving, abseiling or flying a plane. And yes, if Dad has a not-so-secret desire to do something like this then all well and good.

But there are many other experiences that are fun but a little more sedentary. For example visiting places of interest, a trip on a boat or steam train, or some kind of pampering session.

And if you prefer to give Dad a great experience at home then a family movie or games evening might fit the bill. Not as exotic perhaps, but he will still have fun surrounded by the people he loves most.


How to make your day last forever

Of course, whatever you do to celebrate with your father this year, you will want some wonderful photos as a lasting memory of the day.

This is where Print Your Memory can help. In another recent article we discovered that most people don’t really bother to look at their photos once they’ve taken them. They just stay on their phones. Which is such a shame! You don’t want your special photos to fade into obscurity.

So at Print Your Memory we offer you an easy way to preserve those special memories, and enable you to enjoy them every day. We can create wonderful metal prints of your favourite photos. They are top quality, incredibly durable, and can be displayed in any part of your home – even outside!

All you need to do to get these fabulous metal prints is to choose the type and size of metal print you want – we can do either wall art or table art – then upload the image(s) to us and we’ll handle the rest. 

You should have your metal prints within five days, ready to relive your special day with Dad all over again.

Ooh – and also wouldn’t they make the perfect gift for his birthday or Christmas! 


Have a wonderful Father’s Day celebration with your dad, and do keep in touch with us here at Print Your Memory.


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